Thursday, April 28, 2016

Faces #12-28

It has been lots of faces since the last post, only missed one day, due to a trip. 

Day 12 & 13 
Facial expression (surprise) and Mona Lisa from the side.

Day 14 I missed, but got some inspiration at least:

Day 15-18
Mona Lisa with glasses, triangle boy, pyramid man and finally one with a different facial expression. 

Day 21
Almost forgot this day, did a drawing at a meeting at work. 

Day 19-20 & 22-23
Face slightly from above, drawing from an image and with open mouth, toddler and finally an 8 year old.  

Day 24
Today I got an assignment from my oldest daughter, she wanted a big painting of Harry Potter. So here is the sketch I started with. The rest I'll show in a separat post... ;-)

Day 25-28
55 year old, 80 year old, a man (finally?! 😏). And the last one I did at a meeting... 

Only two days left now... :-)

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