Saturday, October 31, 2015

Cushion covers

Got like a billion fabrics from a friend a while ago, so I thought I should start doing something with them... It became two cushion covers in rather matching colors.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lundby - kitchen

So the next room we did was the kitchen. It was orange and brown, with wooden cupboards and red appliances & kitchen tiles (already dismonted on the second img). Real seventies. ;-)

Here I got help from my oldest daughter (N) with the choice of wallpaper and tiles (the green one above). She also painted the floor by her self. :-)

I painted the walls white, and the wooden doors redish to match the appliances. Curtains and dining set is as was.

Below a picture of the kitchen played with by S. Becomes messy then... Also added a painting by my favourite artist Lisa Rinnevuo.  

Monday, October 19, 2015

Lundby dollhouse remake - kids room

Been planning this for a while, and now when the kids have chicken pox, we'll give it a go together. :-)

We started with the kids room. The house is from late seventies/early eighties I guess, and have lots of brown, orange etc. 

And this is how it looks now, still a lot of brown and orange in the kids room, but with a modern touch... ;-) 
My youngest daughter (S) painted the walls white, and I mounted the floor and the feature wall with cute owls that we choose together. For decoration I cut out a speach buble in black cardstock and wrote 1+1=2 and BOO! :-)