Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Birthday and graduation cards

The first card is for my husbands cousin who's graduating. I choose some origami papers in red and a light blue card to break off the red. I taped them in place with washi-tape.

The geisha is from Hero Arts Good fortune, and is painted with promarkers.

I then did an extra geisha in grey to have as a shadow.

Finally I added the geishas and two crochet flowers to balance it off.

The second card is for my dear friend Åsa, who had her birthday recently. She loves blue, so I chose that color on the origami-papers. And her geisha is from TGF.

I first planned to have the papers like the other card, but thought that it might become to messy. So I folded them to the sides, so it lookes like she's behind them. Then I attached eyeleys to the bottom ones, and put some washi-tape around them.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Crochet flowers

Bought a vase for my friend, and wanted some everlasting flowers in that, so I found a crochet pattern at Svarta fåret that looked nice.

I did two, one crocheting from one side, and the other one from the other side. That makes them look a bit different from each other.

I then mounted them on green straws, dragging the yarn inside it and fastened it at the bottom.

TFL! :-)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Triangle cards

Yey, I finally found some peace & time to sit down and create again! :-)

Need a couple of Thank you-cards for the day-care teachers, and a had a nice tutorial for triangle-shaped cards.

I chose a couple of TGF girls, and an orange colored paper.

I cut the paper in a triangle shape, and glued some patterned vellum on it, and then some other scraps.

The girls are colored and ready, and so are the card fronts.

I connect the back, front and an acetate strip with an eyelet.

And then glues the girls to the acetate strips.

This one is picked for A&J since they often use the guitarr together with the kids.

And this one is for Viveka. Thanks for looking! :-)