Saturday, September 30, 2017

Sweet tooth challenge

I discovered Gerda Steiner sweet stamps recently, so I thought I should join this months challenge. :-)

I got inspiration from this blog entry to make a diagonal border, but wanted it to match the mouse that was the "main attraction". So I made a border of baking tools
 in light grey in Photoshop, and added the mouse in black. I then printed it on aquarelle paper.

I colored with my zigs that hasn't been used for a while, but they unfortunatly made the ink bleed, so I couldn't use as much water as I wanted. I then fuzzy cut the outer part of the border.  

When folding the paper I accendently got some small stains on it, so I covered those up with some hearts. I also stamped a sentiment on the rolling pin. 
Here is the finished card! TFL! :-)

Monday, March 20, 2017

Baby book

I wanted to create a baby book for a friend who recently got her son, and I had a cardboard kind of book in the shape of a dinosaur (which I bought when my girls were little but never used). 

So I wanted to make a book with lots of colors, and that had pictures and words of ordinary objects on the pages (bilderbok in Swedish). I choose the colors from my acrylic paints, and on some I stamped the images and on others I drew. Some of them also got some more decorations, like background objects etc. Finally I added a layer of decoupage varnish to protect the pages. 
My oldest daughter also got to do one page (the elephant). 

Here are all the pages layed out. Thanks for looking! :-)

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The last of the 29 faces this February

Ok, I'm a bit slow on updating this time, but here comes the last ones. Missed a couple of days, and didn't have time to do much more than sketches.